Medical college Consultancy

We help to establish new Medical College and Hospital in accordance with latest amendments and requirements of Medical Council of India (MCI). We also guide for getting permissions from various regulatory authorities.

For New Medical College

  • Assist architect and builder to plan building as per existing norms of MCI with latest amendment.
  • Plan construction to utilize maximum available space and leave more room for landscaping (Eco friendly building)
  • Plan all constructions for future expansion (for increase of seat).
  • Plan for road, sewage line, sewage treatment, water supply & conservation, electricity conservation, fire fighting, rainwater harvesting, solar panel etc keeping in view existing laws and bylaws of state government and authorities.
  • Assist in getting all statutory permission from state and central government including AERB, PNDT, Blood Bank, Cadavers for anatomy dept, PHC’s, Mortuary, Animal House etc.
  • Setting up all the departments and hospital as per norms of MCI.
  • Planning manpower requirement for College and Hospital as per MCI norms
  • Conducting mock inspection by experts to assess college preparation to face MCI inspections.

For Existing Medical College

  • Setting up departments and hospital as per phase wise requirement of MCI.
  • Plan for construction of various facilities required as per phase wise requirement of MCI.
  • Guide to setup administrative hierarchy to run the Medical College and Hospital.
  • Prepare company and leave policy as per college requirement.
  • Provide manpower solution.
  • Preparation and Planning for starting Post Graduate courses

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