Equipment procurement & Biomedical Engineering

Equipment purchase is second most expensive part while setting up Medical College and Hospital. Any wrong decision either on technical specification, quality or price can affect the owner or promoter of the college very badly. Our team of experts with more than two decades of experience as procurement directors in various Indian and foreign companies and organizations along with f highly qualified biomedical engineers with vast experience on maintenance of medical equipments will guide on equipment procurement and maintenance/AMC/CMC.

Our aim is to advise promoters on various technical specifications of the equipment, negotiate with various vendors to get competitive price, negotiate for AMC/CMC for expensive equipments, provide in house preventive and break down maintenance and keep updates on latest development in the field of Medical technology.

The scope of procurement and related services includes the following:

  • Procurement, installation, commissioning & contract management of medical equipment based on need analysis and review of specifications
  • Training and capacity development in respect of all the above areas.
  • Regular maintenance of equipments.

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