• Taishan Medical University (TSMU) was founded in 1974, stemming from medical school of Huamei Hospital founded in 1891 by missionary physicians from the American Christian Presbyterian Church.
  • Campus is located at the foot of Mt. Taishan
  • TSMU covers an area of 200 hectares with a building area of 780,000 square meters.
  • The university has 1500 faculty and staff members. 450 of them are professor and assistant professors.


  • China is located at the eastern part of Asia with swiftly developing economy. The country is officially termed as People’s republic of China and it is having world’s largest population.
  • People of china speak Chinese but at the major cities of country people can also speak and understand English
  • Due to large geographical size of the country, people can find different types of climates at different parts of country.
  • Chinese medical universities rank among the best 500 universities in the world and it is about 70% cheaper than taking the same courses in Europe or USA.
  • The lower cost of living and low tuition fees are one the main factor attracting foreign students to china.


  • The name Taián is derived from Mt. Taishan .
  • Taián is prefecture level city is western stranding province.
  • Because of its important geographical position and convenient traffic conditions, Taián becomes indispensable part of Eastern Coastal Economy belt and the economic zone around the Bohai Sea.
  • Taián is remarkable for its culture and tourist resources, among which Mt. Taishan is popular in the world.


  • Renminbi (Yuan) is the Currency of China. 1 Yuan equals 9.38 Indian Rupee.


  • India is 2-1/2 hour behind Taishan (China)

FEES DETAILS:* (subject to revision by college authority)

First Year
Tuition Fees-              RMB 20000
Hostel         -                RMB 2500
Registration                 RMB 8000 (one time)

1 RMB =Rs 10/-.            Total RMB 30500 X Rs. 10= Rs 3,05,000/-


First Year Expenses will be 3,05,000 +3,50,000 (Processing fee)-       Rs.6,55,000

2nd to 5th year
Tuition Fees-                     RMB 80000
Hostel Fees                     RMB 10000

Total   Tuition Fees:             RMB 80000          INRS 8,00,000/-  

 Total Hostel:                       RMB 10000         INRS 1,00,000/-

Total Expenditure for 5 years will be Rs.9,00,000 + Rs.6, 55,000 = Rs.15,55,000/- (approx)


Processing Fees Includes:-

  1. Admission Letter
  2. JW Process
  3. Visa
  4. One way air ticket
  5. Airport pickup & drop
  6. MCI Eligibility
  7. Five year management of student

Eligibility criteria:-             

PCB=50% Minimum in 10+2, Age minimum 17 Years


         1) Birth Certificate

          2) 10th& 12th Mark sheet 

          3) Original Passport

          4)  Passport Size photos